Insights from the 2020 Australian Startup Salary Guide

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Getting your corporate house in order... 'Iso' lockdown legal 'fixes'

A strange thing happens when you're forced to spend a lot of time inside at home. You start seeing the things that are broken around the house....

Legal Hacks for in-house counsel - working smarter, not harder with Legaltech

The world of traditional lawyering is rapidly changing thanks to legal technology.

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Legal tech in-house lawyers guide – Contract Management Systems (Pt 2)

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Legal tech in-house lawyers guide – Contract Management Systems (Pt 1)

Think about your business.  What is it, really?

What our clients say

I had a big vision but needed a partner to take care of the details. Biztech helped me when I needed it most to take my business to the next level without compromise, and we had fun on the way!
I’ve partnered with Ant for years on complex tech start-ups and scale ups and he just gets us and our challenges. He’s guided us through enormous growth spurts encompassing cap raises and market entry across US, EU and Asia. Biztech Lawyers is super responsive and agile and gets our set up and deals done successfully and strategically.
I sat across the table from Ant in a merger transaction with Calreply. He was a hard-nosed and commercial advocate, but empathetic and understanding of the personalities in the room and the need to foster positive working relationships across our teams post-merger. Since then I've thoroughly enjoyed our continued partnership, as Ant has a rare understanding of entrepreneurs and the support we need to drive our goals.